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Kenny Begun 

and his wife Cari have been ministering for many years in the New England region and more recently in North Carolina.  The ministry has been focused on evangelism, especially to people of Jewish heritage.  They also have shared about the Hebrew roots of the Christian faith in many churches in the past.

Cari is a gentile believer in Jesus who was born in California.  She met Kenny  when they where going to professional schools in Boston, MA.  They were married in 1978 in Vermont.  Kenny was not a believer in Jesus at the time, but was converted to faith in Jesus a year later.  This was due in part by the witnessing of Cari and also by the TV mini-series, "Jesus of Nazareth".  Yes, Kenny was saved by a television mini-series.  Until that movie, Kenny had no idea how Jewish Jesus was.

Kenny was raised in a Jewish home and was being groomed to become a cantor. When he was Bar Mitzvah, he decided to leave Judaism and be a rock and roller. After he was saved, Kenny started singing songs to the Lord after all. Not quite what the cantor and rabbi wanted, but it was what the Lord wanted.  Prior to solo performance, Kenny was a member of a musical group called "Ruach". They toured New York, New England and Canada during the 1990's and had a large following. The members of Ruach were all of Jewish ancestry and all converted to Christianity. The Jewish style of their songs is a mixture of Klezmer and rock. 

Kenny has relocated to the southeast US and is concentrating on solo music ministry and developing Bro.Ken Records as a future indie record label.

Kenny  is available to minister in the mid Atlantic region, Virginia and the Carolinas. Arrangements can be made by contacting him at the kbgunn1@gmail.com.

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