Trust In God: Released in 2014

Prophecy: Released in 2013

Great News!!!!

You can now download the music from Trust In God and Prophecy for free!! After much prayer, the Lord has compelled me to give the MP3s away for free. The Gospel is for free and this music will now be free as well. Go to the Online Store in the upper menu and click on the link for free downloads. There is a place to make donations if you feel leading to do so, but you are not at all obligated. It of course would be helpful in order to maintain my websites and record future music. I am sorry, but there is no tax deduction for any donations.

Grammy Nominated Christian Music  Recording Artist

Kenny has been a musician and recording engineer for 45 years.  He is a voting member of NARAS (the Grammys).

Kenny has a habit of being unconventional when it comes to Christian music because he does not listen often to existing CCM recordings.  He does not want to be locked into a formula.  He does not see himself only as a minister to Christians, but as a minstrel to Christians to be.  He has a focus on evangelism, not only praise and worship for ministry to the Church.  The purpose of this music is to bring a lost and dying generation to a relationship with Jesus.  Isn't that what it is all about?

Kenny was raised in a Jewish home and was being groomed to become a cantor. When he was Bar Mitzvah, he decided to leave Judaism and be a rock and roller. At the age of 28, he became a Christian and started singing songs to the Lord after all.  Not quite what the cantor and rabbi wanted, but it was what the Lord wanted.  Prior to solo performance, Kenny was a member of a musical group called "Ruach".  They toured New York, New England and Canada during the 1990's and had a large following.  The members of Ruach were all of Jewish ancestry and all converted to Christianity.  The Jewish style of their songs is a mixture of Klezmer and rock. 

The first album, "Prince Of Peace", was released  in CD format.  It can be purchased from the online store on this website.  The new album, Prophecy, can be downloaded from and iTunes.

Kenny is available to minister in the mid Atlantic region, Virginia and the Carolinas.   Arrangements can be made by e-mail.

"It is amazing to me how music distribution has changed in the last 5 years.  The internet allows for the potential of the origins of recorded music to come full circle.  Back in the fifties and sixties, music companies were run by people who cherished records and loved music.  There was no deadline for the recording to be finished.  The artist was driven by inspiration and the results were often sensational, unique and entertaining.  Now the artist is chewed up and spit out by the bean counters that bought out the original owners of those record companies.  Now they have deadlines for product release and the artist is irrelevant.  The formulas are repeated, the music is canned and predictable and the record industry is being lead down a destructive path.

With the internet, listeners are now able to access a plethora of music.  The downside of it is that so much is being uploaded that it is hard to separate the wheat from the chaff.   One thing is for sure, the internet is changing the way music for the masses is being distributed and the record companies need to recognize that the past model of distribution is as obsolete as buggy whips."

Kenny Begun

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